2021CIFF||Take you into the era of textured space aesthetics

April 02,2021


2021CIFF|Take you into the era of textured space aesthetics


-We are the creator of super textured panel-


  On March 28, 2021, Interzum Guanghzou was grandly opened. Kapok, as the pioneer of super texture panel in the decorative panel industry, with the theme of "Build Up A World About Super Texturey", presents Kapok 21/22 years of new synchronzied seriespure board, antibacterial and mildew proof board, intelligent board and so on. We always focus on the actual needs of consumers, from products to space, from function to decoration, and constantly break through the tradition. Our design and steel plate effect blend wood, stone, leather, cloth and other natural elements, through excellent imagination and extraordinary creativity, for the pursuit of high quality home space to provide high-end materials.





Designers Favourite Plate Brand


  "Kapok" is a brand owned by YaoDonghua Decor Materials Technology CO.,ltd..We are the pioneer of super texture panels and a milestone in the development of accurate and synchronous decorative panels in China. Our categories include furniture decorative panels, interior decorative panels, intelligent conductive panels, wall panels and one-stop furniture matching solutions.




  The core products of the Kapok are precisely synchronized with the grain series. From product to space, the famous material masters customize the texture space, and 1000+ products provide consumers with choices. Synchronization of series can restore the natural wood, stone, leather, fabric texture, such as a no paint, environmental protection, fashion, vivid characteristics, widely used in furniture, ecological door, wall panel, etc., can be comparable to similar products, with European famous brand by the real estate companies, high-end custom furniture enterprises of all ages and selection.



Our Panel was used all over the world


Focus on decorative panel for 26 years, the national strategic layouts.

6 factories distributed all over China 

Participate in the formulation of more than 40 national/industry standards 

Received more than 30 national patents, including 8 invention patents. 

Served as the director (member) of more than 40 national/provincial industry associations 

The total sales volume was more than 200 million in the past 25 years.

Linked together, our panels can circle the earth 20 times.





Pure Panel with intelligent plate


High quality raw material,zero aldehyde added net aldehyde antibacterial that is installed

Not easy to deform, stain, scratch, high temperature, acid and alkali easy to clean.





Infrared heating, energy saving and environmental protection.

Heat to keep warm, dry and sterilize.






Efficient antibacterial antibacterial rate 99.99%

 Nano pure aldehyde grade 0 mildew proof

 It releases 3000 negative oxygen ions per centimeter cubed

 Effectively decompose formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC and other harmful substances



Busy booth




We were focused by media


In the afternoon of March 29, we had two live broadcasts.





Interzum Guangzhou has successfully concluded.


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